Child/Adolescent Services

When would therapy be helpful for my child?

If you have concerns that your child...
  • shows signs of depression
  • worries too much
  • argues and disobeys rules
  • has poor control over anger or aggression
  • has problems with their appetite, eating habits or body image
  • is dealing with trauma or loss, or other major life changes
  • is having trouble adjusting to parental divorce or separation
  • presents challenges to parenting or does not seem to respond to discipline
  • is having problems at school
  • is using drugs or alcohol

What do we offer?

We offer individual and family therapy. If you are not sure what is needed, an initial appointment can help clarify treatment needs and what interventions will be most useful. We teach parents and children specific strategies to help improve your child's behavior, emotional functioning, and relationships. We coordinate with schools, physicians, and other agencies as necessary, including participating in on-site meetings to create broad-based interventions and improve consistency to maximize success.